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What is StockSwap?

StockSwap is like daily fantasy sports but for the stock market where instead of selecting players for a team, you build a portfolio of stocks. Users enter contests with entry fees, select stocks, and compete with others for a chance to win payouts from the prize pool dependent on rank.


How will I know what stocks to pick? 

StockSwap has social features that allow users to do social research by viewing other users’ videos, posts, real portfolios and trades. You can also post your own content and trades by connecting to your brokerage accounts through Plaid.

Our Mission

StockSwap strives to educate users about financial literacy and the stock market in a fun, competitive, exciting, and low-risk way.

We do this by providing a place for users to interact with the stock market with potential for high returns with a fixed low risk. We also provide a forum for discussing securities which encourage users to stay informed, do research, and learn about the markets.

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Customer Testimonials


“Before I tried this experience I didn’t really know a whole lot about the stock market. But I found the app really enjoyable and it was fun competing against my friends. I’m now continuing to educate myself on how the market works.”

Jackson H, 20


“I’m in dental school at the University of Florida and have never had time to learn about the stock market. I’ve also always been afraid to invest because it confuses me. Being a part of StockSwap’s Beta helped me learn about stocks and helped me become engaged with what was going on in the world. I can’t wait to play again when it’s made available!”

Madison B, 24


“Playing StockSwap has given me a way to engage with the market and learn, even as a pre-med student. It provides me firsthand trading experience even while studying a field that has no focus on this side of economics.”

Mustafa H, 21


“As a veteran Wall Street executive for over 20 years and managing hundreds of millions of dollars for personal and corporate accounts I thought StockSwap was an excellent source of education and entertainment.  This is an invaluable tool for the young or new investment community.”

Mitch F, 49

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